Big Rig Audio Visual provides quality sound for events and performances. Our reputation precedes us.

Our quality is a result of:

  • Using the right equipment
  • Having the right people manage the sound teams
  • Looking professional

You know it’s us because we bring out professional equipment, set up the sound and lighting and run the show like pros. This kind of professionalism gives you peace of mind. Just sit back and enjoy the event.


We have a passion for great sound and lighting.

Others have the gear, but we have both the gear and the technical ability to use it. When we put on an event, we expect to give you the best quality possible. Our confidence comes from years of experience using the best equipment and the best people.

With Big Rig Audio Visual in the market, you can sound and look your best.


Our team of professionals can run the equipment for you. Some of what we do includes: